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Testing DEMO...[:S]

I have a chart that pulls one record with numbers that change, with the refresh rate turned off.. If I right click on the chart and choose refresh it does so without changing the look of the chart.. but If I turn on Real Time Data Refresh Rate.. when it updates it shows the new data and the old data (two charts)..

 With the refresh rate turned on, how do I keep it from showing the old chart.. I only want to see the current one..

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Our default behavior in auto-refresh charts is to "add" points when the original source only had 1 point. We have a newer build that allows disabling this behavior both when using out-chart in powershell (-disableAuto AddData) or using the PowerGadgets creator (Data - Behavior for single Point).

This feature is not yet part of our service pack but we can make it available if you want to test it.


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