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Possible bug with scatter plots


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I'm trying to create a scatter plot using the creator application, but I'm getting erratic results. I'm using a SQL data source that returns a result with three columns:

  • Location
  • Technician
  • Priority

What I want to plot is the Priority on the y-axis, location on the x-axis, and then have a series created for each technician found in the data (it can change). From the screen shot below you can see that the mini-preview has the actual data, and is creating different colored series for each technician:

 Posted Image

However, you can also see that the main preview is just empty. If I save this as a .pgf and run it I don't get any data either. Now I don't know how I did it, but there was one case where the big preview suddenly had the data as expected, but I can't re-create it.

Am I doing something wrong here? 

BoxPlot Demo.zip

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