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Adding a Second Needle to a Radial Gauge


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I've been using PowerGadgets for a while and love it.  I've seen mention in the documentation that you can add multiple independent needles to the outer indicator (not an inner gauge) of a radial, but I don't see how to do it.  I am using a basic invoke-sql.... | out-gauge..... statement, where the SQL command results in a single row of two column values.  I have tried the cmd-lets documentation and working through the -configure option, and I can get a second needle and color it, etc., but I cannot successfully direct the second value to the second needle.  I see how to get main_indicator -value and that's no problem.  What parameter do you use to map the second value into the second guage needle?  Thanks for the help!  Best,


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Assuming you are NOT using a template with multiple needles. 

invoke-sql ... | out-gauge -value ColumnName1 -mainscale_indicators_add needle -mainscale_indicators_1_value {$_.Column2}

Note that although most collection in PowerGadgets are automatically created when you access them (e.g. titles in out-chart), you have to add to the indicators collection because you can add needle as well as markers.

If you have a template where you already configured multiple needles then you do not need to add, just set its value, e.g.

invoke-sql ... | out-gauge -value ColumnName1 -template MyMultiNeedle.pgt -mainscale_indicators_1_value {$_.Column2}


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Thank you very much, Juan!  I don't use templates much, so the former worked fine.  Only thing to watch (it took me several tries) is that the "Column2" in $_.Column2 must match the alias name of the column(second one) in your invoke-sql statement (I was thinking it meant 2nd column).  I really appreciate the assist!!  Best,


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