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Multiple recipient Send-mail?


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Is it possible to send the emails from send-mail to multiple recipients and if so how?  I've tried separating the users by comma & semi-colon and only the first person receives the email.  The quick start guide makes mention of multiple recipients but does not say how to do it.


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I just tried the following

send-mail -subject "Test Mail" -to "account1@domain.com;account2@hotmail.com"

I also tried the "full" format supplying a display name

send-mail -subject "Test Mail" -to "John Doe<account1@domain.com>;John Doe2<account2@hotmail.com"

And both worked. I also checked the change history for our send-mail cmdlet and the last time we changed any code was way before build 2588. Can you check the version of your PowerGadgets.Commands.dll?


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