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Hello Dan:

Your best bet would be to combine PowerShell + PowerGadgets and /n Software netCmdlets (more info and a trial download at http://www.nsoftware.com/powershell/). As for sample SNMP scripts, I'm sure /n Software will lead you in the right direction, you will then output whatever stats you want from your Cisco gear to any of the Powergadgets cmdlets.



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I just have a real basic Cisco router without a whole lot of SNMP features I can query.

Along with what Rene says, here's an example using NetCmdlet's get-snmp cmdlet:

get-snmp -agent -community xxxx -oid sysUpTime.0|out-gauge -type digital -value oidvalue

Above, I'm just doing an SNMP query to get the sysUpTime of my 800 series router I have just sitting around doing nothing.  I think that's in milliseconds.  I then take that output and pass that to the out-gauge cmdlet.  The results give me a LED style graphic that shows me the sysuptime value.  (I can also use the -refresh flag to get the value updated at a regular interval.)

I can do this to get seconds using a "scriptblock":

get-snmp -agent -community xxxx -oid sysUpTime.0|out-gauge -type digital -value {$_.oidvalue/1000}

NetCmdlets and PowerGadgets work well together!

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