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Combine Number Gadgets with a Map


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I have a map gadget that I want to display in the back of my office for all employees to see current web logon activity.

I'm brand new to gadgets but within an hour or so I got a really cool looking map with several other gadgets containing numbers that represent various other important information sitting on top of the map gadget.

In all I have 6 gadget windows that contain numbers all on top of 1 map gadget.  The are being displayed on a plazma tv.

Here is my question.

How do I combine all of those gadgets so that I can start them with one click and have them preserve the layout?

I would really appreciate any advice.


Newbie Tim

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So you're saying you have out-map, then have a combination of out-gauge/out-chart gadgets on top?  For example, you want out-map in the background, then have the out-gauge/out-chart gadgets maybe show in each corner of the map?

You can position out-gauge gadgets (I'll assume out-chart also, but don't have access to the docs right now).

You can put all of these calls into one PowerShell script, and I think that would address you're "one-click" requirement?

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I have not ued the PowerShell Script yet but I think you understand my question.

Is it possible to use the script to put the gadgets in the same position that i want them and on the surface of the map?

Can you point me in the direction of some good examples of using the PowerShellScript?

Here is a screen shot of what I'm trying to accomplish, but I have to open and position everything manually right now.

Thanks for your advice!

Posted Image

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Are each one of these gadgets a PGF you created using the PowerGadgets creator?

If so, they should remember their locations from run to run, (see this post for more details) so theoretically once you run them an manually adjust their position/size, they should use the same in future runs. If you do not get this behavior it is a bug and we will need more info, e.g. Are you running Vista or XP, is this a multi-monitor configuration, etc.

One-click execution of multiple gadgets is something we do not support right out-of-the-box in our current version although is something in our radar for future versions, in the meantime you can use the following workarounds

1) If you have powershell installed, you can create a PowerShell script (PS1 file) with the following

invoke-item C:\MyGadgets\Map.pgf
invoke-item C:\MyGadgets\Commited.pgf
invoke-item C:\MyGadgets\VLMCommited.pgf

2) If you do not have powershell, you can achieve the same writing a batch file (BAT or CMD) with the following

"C:\Program Files\PowerGadgets\PowerGadgets.Presenter.exe" C:\MyGadgets\Map.pgf
"C:\Program Files\PowerGadgets\PowerGadgets.Presenter.exe" C:\MyGadgets\Commited.pgf
"C:\Program Files\PowerGadgets\PowerGadgets.Presenter.exe" C:\MyGadgets\VLMCommited.pgf

In my machine I was also able to remove the PowerGadgets Presenter reference from the BAT file and just supplying the PGF name seems to be enough to get the OS to open it.

The only tricky issue is that you want to maintain a certain Z-ordering - gauges on top of the map - and I am not sure if you will be able to get this  consistently as each gadget being displayed is esentially independent. Also each gadget can be moved independently so moving the map will not move the gauges.



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Thanks for your help!

I tried this but I have another new problem.

If i open each of the .pgf(s) one at a time from a command window I can open all the gadgets perfectly.  If i try to put these in a batch file or a cmd file then they will open the first gadget and then hang indefinitely.

Do you have any idea why this might be.  I'm using frame-less gadgets but none of them are modal....

I would appreciate any thoughts.



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