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dumb question but need help


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I was wondering if there is a way to share the .pgf file with others?  if I create a gadget to do something and wish to share it with co-workers how would i do that?  second is there a way to get the gadgets attaced to google sidebar or desktopsidebar?


thank you for your help I greatly appreciate it.



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Anybody who wants to run your gadgets needs to install PowerGagdets and a PowerGadgets Client License. If they additionally want to modify these gadgets or create new ones then they would need a Creator License.

Note that if you are using Vista you can also select "File-Package Sidebar Gadget" and distribute your gadget specifically for the Vista Sidebar. In this case your coworkers also need to have PowerGadgets installed and a Client license.

We do not support Google sidebar or desktopsidebar but this is something we have discussed and will be determined based on customer feedback.



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