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LabelPath from within an ItemsControl


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I have a single DataTable from which I'm generating multiple Charts.  I do this by grouping the DataTable with a CollectionViewSource and placing the chart within an ItemsControl whose ItemsSource is bound to the CollectionViewSource.

 So far, I'm able to correctly pull series data by using the BindingPath on the SeriesAttribute:

<cfx:Chart.Series><cfx:SeriesAttributes BindingPath="Value" /></cfx:Chart.Series>

Where Value is the name of a column in my DataTable.  This tells me I have my the Chart's ItemsSource set up correctly.However, I'm not able to pull labels by using the LabelPath on the Axis:

<cfx:Chart.AxisX><cfx:Axis LabelPath="ValueLabel"><cfx:Axis.Grids><cfx:Grids /></cfx:Axis.Grids></cfx:Axis></cfx:Chart.AxisX>

Where ValueLabel is another column in my DataTable.  I've tested this without the CollectionViewSource and ItemsControl and LabelPath works just fine.

 I have a sample application that illustrates my issue, and I'd be happy to e-mail it to anyone who thinks they may have a resolution.  Thanks!

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