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Zoom is slow


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 I am evaluating Chart FX for Visual Studio 2008 / WinForms and I noticed that when I load 50,000 rows (with 3 series) and tried to zoom it takes 3 to 7 seconds before the zoom box to appear when I try to click and drag the mouse.  This is the case when the chart is displaying the whole data.

When I load just around 5,000 rows with the same number of series, zooming works fine.

I'm on Win XP 32 SP2

 Is this is a possible issue if I decide to buy this product?



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I think the delay is caused by either the tooltip or the highlighting. With such a large number of points (dependin g on your chart settings such as marker shape, etc) it is generally a good idea to dissable tooltips and highlighting as it is not very usefull anyways (is hard to hover over a specific point when there are so many of them).

Try setting:

chart.Highlight.Enabled = false;

chart.ToolTips = false;

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