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To change the camera angle you would use the View3D AngleX and AngleY properties. e.g.

chart1.View3D.AngleX = 45;

Note that we expose AngleX and AngleY and then calculate other camera settings to make sure as much of the scene is visible as possible. You can also create a binding, e.g. to control the angle with a slider


Slider Minimum="-90" Maximum="180" Width="120" Value="{Binding ElementName=chart1, Path=View3D.AngleX}" />

Also note that View3D exposes a double property called Perspective, 0 means we use an OrthoGraphicCamera and any number between 15 and 90 will be used as the field of view of a PerspectiveCamera

>> and your control seems to be the best by far. Looking forward to the final release

We think once our designers prepare the different styles that will ship with the product you will be pleasantly surprised.



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