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Dynamic Chart with default data


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I am currently evaluating a trial version of the winform version of the control, which is dynamically created on the page.

Each time the control is created, it is filled with a line chart.  Is this just test data that goes away with a non-trial key, or will I have to always clear the chart when the control is created each time? The form needs to render prior to the user selecting the data set to loaded into this chart control.

If this is so, then some of the documentation doesn't make sense... such as:

[C#][b]public [/b]Gallery[b] Gallery {get;set;}[/b]

Property Value

The default is Bar.

because the default chart I get is always some 3 series line chart. 


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I did not say I did not know how to get rid of the default data. I asked if this is the norm, or it this is just a demo functionality due to a trial key being used. Because I am evaluating the control, I need to know what is demo and what is default behavior. 

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Thre is no functional diference between the Trial Version and the release version except for the message displayed and the fact the it expires and deployment restrictions.

As far as the data displayed, the trial and the released version are exactly the same.

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