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I need to be able to select one or more rows from the grid.  I would like to know how to do this in two different manners.

 1) By selecting multiple grid rows.


2) By place a check box in a column of each row.

 Can you point me to an example of how this can be programmed using GridFX?


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Unfortunately, the first selection method is not currently possible with GridFX. We understand the usefulness of such a feature and will be considering it for inclusion in a future service pack.

On the other hand, your second request is indeed possible. All you need to do is add a Template column to the grid and edit the template to drop a checkbox.

Once the textbox is added to the field, you add a button or capture a postback in order to loop through the items and check which ones have ben checked. Something like this:

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


  foreach (GridItem item in Grid1.Items)


CheckBox CheckOneItem = (CheckBox)item.Cells[6].FindControl("ItemCheckBox");

if (CheckOneItem.Checked)


  TextBox2.Text += item.Cells[1].Text;




Does this make sense? What operation do you need to perform on the selected items?




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Template columns are easy to add through the wizard.  You just go to "Edit Layout", then go "Add New"->"Blank Template".  That will create the template column and let you edit it.

For your specific example, you could just use this markup:

<Columns><GridFX:TemplateColumn><ItemTemplate><asp:CheckBox runat="server" ID="ItemCheckBox" /></ItemTemplate></GridFX:TemplateColumn>

Does that solve your problem?

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