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Dynamic User Commands


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If I understand user commands correctly, the only way I can add a user command to the chart's toolbar or one of its context menus is to first add the user command to the chart's Commands collection. Is that correct?

But in my case I have a need for the user commands to be dynamic, ie. the list of user commands may change over the lifetime of the chart. Some will be added and others will need to be removed. And I may need to repeat that cycle, including re-adding the same commands.

How can I remove a user command added to the chart's Commands collection? I see no API exposed to allow that.

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The idea of the command collection is that it doesn't change.

Notice that commands in the collection doesn't necessarily appear anywhere in the UI, as a mater of fact Chart FX has many commands that don't appear by default.

You should add all the possible commands to the collection and then add them ad remove the from the corresponding UIs (toolbar, context menus) according to your dynamic logic.

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