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Unexpected error in chart generation


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I have deployed a web application with various charts on one of our production server. all charting modules work perfectly fine on the server and also on most of the clients which access these pages. however, on some computers the chart rendering fails and results in IE crash. Please can you let me know how to rectify this issue as this is causing concern among the users.

A screenshot of error can be viewed at:


 Thanks in advance.


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Since you are rendering as .NET (chart.RenderFormat = .NET), you should have full trust enabled in the .NET framework 2.0 configuration client side.

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > .NET Framework Configuration > Adjust Security Policy

Make Changes to this computer

Give "Full Trust" to My Computer, Local Intranet, Internet, and Trusted Sites (for now).

Click Finish

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My error is similar but full-trust for all categories does not solve it. It occurs on a Vista x64 client only for the .Net RenderFormat. Image format works fine. I filed a ticket 120560 in January and once before that. It looked like restarting PSS fixed it once, but I've never been able to repeat the fix (although the error is not hard to reproduce.)

 I've been all through the synchronization of ChartFX versions and at the time I had upgraded to the latest ChartFX service pack.

 Attached is an image. I get the ActiveX question and respond Yes. Then it all falls apart, as pictured. Note that this website is in my Trusted zone.

 Any ideas on how to get this to work?



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