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Repaint after SetScrollView

Sergii Illiukhin

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I have following issue: not all points are displayed after calling of SetScrollView. But if after that I minimize and restore form I see that all points are displayed. May be I have missed something?

Some explanations: On my form I have date range, user selects new dates in range and presses "Apply" button. In the application I use commands:


ListProvider lstProvider = new ListProvider......

chart.DataSource = lstProvider; 

chart.AxisX.SetScrollView(from, to); 

Why are the last point(s) not displayed after that?

Why are they displayed after minimize-restore form?

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We are unable to reproduce this issue.

One thing I don't understand from your posting is what is "from,to"?

You say you don't see the last point but if you are setting scrollview is precisely to not show all the points. Can you please attach a full sample that reproduces this behavior.

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to reproduce you need

1. Press Zoom in button twice (Current zoom wiil be "3 weeks")

2. Press and hold left button of mouse on chart and move cursor left until you see two vertical lines without any point on chart. Don't use scrollbars of ChartFX, just only drag chart information to left.

3. As you can see chart don't display rigth points of data.

4, Minimize and maximize application. Rigth points is presents.

Also in attachment you can find screenshots about it.

Attachment here: http://www.yagerinternet.com.ua/download/ChartFxBug.zip


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I am unable to reproduce Step 2. I keep moving the mouse left until I can't move it no more and I don't get to see "tweo vertical lines without any point on chart". I keep seeing a line chart.

I am using the latest Chart FX 7 service pack.


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