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Data binding a chart to N-number of series


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This may be a basic data binding question, but i'm having difficulty getting this accomplished.  My goal is to have a Chart bind to my data object, and display as many SeriesAttributes as necessary to show all the data. 

For example, assume the Chart is displaying a stock portfolio with an arbitrary number of stocks.  For each stock, I want a series shown to represent its price over time.  As my StockPortfolio object is updated during runtime (stocks added, removed, quantity changed etc), I want the Chart's series'es to update to match.

Is this possible via binding, or do I need to resort to accomplishing this programatically?

I have attached a project that shows my failed attempt at binding.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Justin Katz



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 Thanks for the quick post.  This would be a great solution if my data were in tabular format; unfortunately my data is already organized into a set of hierarchical data.  Here is another example to better illustrate my situation:


Stock - Has many value/time Points in a List

ClientPortfolio - Has many Stock objects in a List


I want to display one Chart, with a Series for each Stock over time in the ClientPortfolio.  Ideally, I would set the Chart's data source to be the ClientPortfolio object, and it would automatically generate as many Series as necessary.  This is synonymous with display hierarchical data with a TreeView.



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