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Horizontal Pane XML tag


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I am writing another XML file for our report generator. The chart part of the new report will have two panes with a line graph in each one. I can't find the property that places the panes horizontally. We might need to have a tag in the XML that switches the report generator from one to two series with a new pane in each. What XML property specifies that the two panes are horizontal? Is there a list of all the XML properties?

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The panes are always on the Y-Axis, never on the X-Axis.

The only way to get horizontal panes is to have a chart that draws horizontally (such as Gantt). n this case the panes will always be horizontal. So wheter or not the panes are horizontal is controlled by the chart's gallery.

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Is there any intention to provide the ability to create panes both horizontally and vertically?  I generate a number of statistical charts for engineering, and for statistics, it is common to generate multiple panes.  For example, I'd like to be able to create a line chart with 8 panes (2 rows x 4 columns) to show the measurement values from multiple operators for the 8 different parts.



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 I've attempted to do just that, but I'm having trouble will all the wasted whitespace that surrounds the chart area (I think this is called the plot margin?).  Please see attached image and let me know if there's any way to make the actual line chart area take up more of the margin space.  And yes, I've already set the PlotAreaMargin members to zero.

 Thanks again for help!


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