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automatic changing from Gallery(value) to 29482


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i have a small problem in this code: myPie = (Pie) _chart.GalleryAttributes;     if (_chart.Gallery != Gallery.Doughnut)   {   cbExplodeMode.DataSource = System.Enum.GetValues(typeof(ExplodingMode));   cbExplodeMode.SelectedItem = myPie.ExplodingMode;   }   else   cbExplodeMode.Enabled = false;   cbFontStyles.DataSource = _Styles;   nupSliceseparation.Value = myPie.SliceSeparation;


after this part the _chart.Gallery isn't no longer a Doughnut or Pie or s.th. like that, but now it's 29482, and i don't know why. When i comment

cbExplodeMode.DataSource = System.Enum.GetValues(typeof(ExplodingMode));

out, everything works fine. Can someone tell me why? 

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I'm guessing cbExplodeMode is a combobox. Maybe you have some code in an event of the combobox that is fired as a consequence of setting the combobox datasource and that code changes the chart gallery.

A Gallery of 29482 looks like an external gallery type (e.g. An extension gallery). Are you using any extensions?

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