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Editing the Insert Item Template


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Thanks for using Grid FX.  From the bunch of questions, it looks like you're getting into it.  That's great. The insert template can be edited in the "Configure Input Settings" smart tag, or in the Edit Templates smart tag.  Check out the Configure Input Settings, because it's a really cool wizard.

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OK, so I'm an access programmer trying to move to a Web world so many of my questions may be simply not knowing what I'm looking at.

When I do go into the Configure Input settings, and I use the custom template, I click on Edit the template.  I am only presented with a template for the Editing Dialog box.  I confirmed that removing fields from this template only removes them from the Edit form, not the insert form.  Do I have a old copy of the code, or am I not understanding the other things on the form.  If the latter is the issue, where can I gain knowledge?

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