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Link Url & Pie Chart point


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I want to use the chart.series.link.url with a pie chart.

I see that I have to create my URL as a string as such string myUrl = http://myUrl.aspx?Point=%N&Series=%S;

but how do I populate the point %N .. does this automatically populate or do I have to set a property or do I have to do some other magic.

right now it gets populated as 0

Any  example appreciated

regards Bob

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Still no joy .. when I look at the HTML generated (imagemap) I have URL's all looking like this :

<area shape="poly" coords="189,190,189,194,260,194,260,190" href="http://localhost/OFSLive/User/MachineRate.aspx?Point=0&Series=0" *snip*<area shape="poly" coords="185,173,189,173,191,192,187,192" href="http://localhost/OFSLive/User/MachineRate.aspx?Point=0&Series=0" *snip*<area shape="poly" coords="182,125,150,175,190,185,225,165" href="http://localhost/OFSLive/User/MachineRate.aspx?Point=0&Series=0"  *snip*   ... etc ...

I am expecting to see numbers other than zero in the point value.

In the documentation it mentions a setting:

Chart1.ImageSettings.EmbeddedMap = true; however I cannot find this setting it doesnt seem to exist .. I  tried adding the namespace ChartFX.WebForms.ImageSettings but I cant find it either, the documentation doesnt say whether there is a resource that contains it.

I have tried switching the interactive property in the designer on .. but this has made no change. I'm just shooting in the dark really.

What could I be doing wrong? .. its a straight PIE chart with 1 series and 6 - 10 slices Are there any code snippet examples of this to look at ?

My webforms version is 7.0.2893.24916

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