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Column chart to start at y=0


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 I'm trying to draw a column chart  with all bars starting at y=0 and moving to the y value, ie negative values will have their bars below the y=0 line, while positive values will have their bars above the y=0 line.

 What I'm getting is all bars starting at the minimum y value (example -0.2) and moving up to the y value, like an area chart.

 What property changes this behavior? 

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Hi, I have just tried to reproduce your issue in my test app and failed. Whatever I try the columns behave as you wanted (ie start at 0 and go +ve or -ve).

Code used was:

  <cfx:Chart>   <cfx:Chart.PlotArea>   <cfx:PlotAreaAttributes ClipToBounds="true"/>   </cfx:Chart.PlotArea>   </cfx:Chart>

and code behind was


  ctlChart1.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;

  ctlChart1.Series.Clear();   SeriesAttributes dataSeries0 = CreateNewDataSeries(false, 10, 7.5, 30.0, -5.0, 0);   ctlChart1.Series.Add(dataSeries0);

  ctlChart1.AxisY.AutoScale = true;

  ctlChart1.AxisX.AutoScale = true; 

My DataSeries just exposes an X and Y property for each point.

If you can post your sample code it might be easier to trace the issue.

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Heres my code:

      Dim sTable1 As System.Data.DataTable = GetSeries(....

  Dim series1 As New SeriesAttributes   series1.ItemsSource = sTable1.Rows   series1.BindingPath = "SERIES1"       series1.Gallery = Gallery.Bar       fxChart.Series.Clear()   fxChart.Series.Add(series1) 

 I'm binding to a datatable that looks like this:

 DATE  SERIES1  SERIES2  SERIES3  2007/04/30 12:00:00 AM   0.0374   0.0381994776     2007/05/31 12:00:00 AM   0.012625258   0.0106750797     2007/06/30 12:00:00 AM   -0.0088050042   -0.008834297     2007/07/31 12:00:00 AM   0.009730482   0.0095879535     ..

Also I've noticed fxChart.pointcount = 5,and fxChart.points.count = 0








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I have taken your code and data and created a simple table in a DB where the fields are Date, Series1, Series2 etc. Date is the date/Time info, Series1 is the first double list etc.

Using my previous xaml, I have used this code behind and it still works. Can you confirm that you are using the latest beta (v0.8.2957.30556 - dated 12th Feb) as that might be the only difference.

  string ConnectionString = string.Format("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source={0}", @"c:\Db1.mdb");

  OleDbConnection Connection = new OleDbConnection(ConnectionString);

  OleDbCommand Command = new OleDbCommand("Select * from [ForumTable1]", Connection);

  OleDbDataAdapter DataAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(Command);

  DataSet dataset = new DataSet();

  DataAdapter.Fill(dataset, "ForumTable1");

  SeriesAttributes dataSeries0 = new SeriesAttributes();

  dataSeries0.ItemsSource = dataset.Tables["ForumTable1"].Rows;

  dataSeries0.BindingPath = "Series1";

  dataSeries0.Gallery = Gallery.Bar;



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