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Hi All,

 I just have a few quick questions that a potential customer of ours has asked regarding the use of the chart FX Active-x component within Explorer, at this time we do not use the product but are considering purchasing it for use with this customer but as they are very tight on security etc they want some answers before going ahead.

1) Is the active-x digitally signed.

2) IS it fully compatable with I.E-6

3) Their users do not have permissions to automatically install active-x's that web pages require when they are first accessed so is it possible for them to pre-install the plug in onto each client pc so the users don't see the i.e toolbar warning that an active-x needs intalling in order to display the page correctly.

Thanks in advance for any info,





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1) Yes

2) Yes, It was developed in the IE6 timeframe and we have not added any IE7-only features.

3) Yes, the installation would have to copy one (or more files if extensions are used) and register them. This could be handled with an exe/msi and maybe pushed using SMS or similar methods.



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