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Data binding in WPF


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To be honest, even going back to COM and WinForms, there has always been standards for data-binding if you are a control that consumes a single value (e.g. a textbox, slider, etc.) but when it relates to consuming a database SQL statement or list of objects there was never a clear standard.

In our WPF chart we tried to support databinding in a similar way to "ItemsControl" classes such as ListBox. We expose an ItemsSource property of type IEnumerable where we support the following

- A CLR collection

- Observable<T> class

- The result of an ObjectDataProvider or XmlDataProvider

You then have to create or more series and provide the CLR property names or XPath expression mapped to the series (Series.BindingPath), additionally you can specify which field should be used as the labels (AxisX.LabelPath).

If you have a particular databinding scenario that you are having problems with please provide details and we will be happy to help.



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