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Slow performance displaying charts using VB6


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I've been using ChartFX for a while now, and my users are increasingly annoyed with the length of time it takes to display a fairly simple bar chart.

I ran Rational Quantify to get some times on how long certain functions are taking, and I was surprised.   For example, when setting up the chart legend, the UserLegendBoxItem.Put_Label function is called three times and takes 4.98 seconds to execute.  Accessing the Chart.UserLegendBoxObj one time takes 4.78 seconds.  When I step over lines like these in my code debugger, there is a visible pause before these lines are completed.

My question is does anyone know any shortcuts to speed this up?  Are there settings that will disable certain time-consuming checks from being performed?

What is happening in these functions that take so long? 




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