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Secondary X axis


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I added a secondary X axis using the code below. Now I saw a vertical line comes along with mouse cursor when I move it over the second axis. How can I avoid/deactivate that? 


Thanks in advance 

  AxisX newXaxis = new AxisX();   newXaxis.Min = 0;   newXaxis.Max = chart1.AxisX.Labels.Count;   newXaxis.Step = 3;     newXaxis.Labels[3] = "Q1";   newXaxis.Labels[6] = "Q2";   newXaxis.Labels[9] = "Q3";   newXaxis.Labels[12] = "Q4";     newXaxis.Position = AxisPosition.Near;   newXaxis.Style = chart1.AxisX.Style;   chart1.AxesX.Add(newXaxis);

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