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problem publish website

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Hi, I am trying to publish my web site to a web server....i am using ChartFX 

For .NET 6.2 (web), and i have installed the production version onto the web

server. When i try to run a page on my web site that uses chartfx charts, i

get the following javascript error:

"Object Does not support this Property or Method."

When I debug the error, the code breaks on the following line:


I do not add this code anywhere, so it seems to get generated somewhere.

I have installed this on another server before, and it worked (in IIS under

the Download folder in the ChartFX62 web site, it showed more dlls like

ChartFX.Internet.Polar.dll and ChartFX.Statistical.Client.dll, etc.)....on

the current web server, it only shows the following dlls:








I have also already installed the latest service pack....

I am wondering is i am missing some javascript in a dll, or something like

that....also, i have the same dlls on my development machine, and there are

no problems.

Thanks for any help,


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