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License for MSProject Addin


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I have a full license of ChartFX for VS.NET 2005.  I am creating an addin to Microsoft Project, that includes a chartfx control.  It works fine on my development machine but I get a license error on machines that don't have a development license of chartfx.  I have fixed this on previous projects by adding a license to the main exe and rebuilding.  It seems unlikely that I will be able to rebuild MSproject, do you have any other suggestions?



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Since you are not building a EXE but a dll, you will require a special license. The reason is that we can not distinguish between a dll that's a plug-in to MS Project and a dll that's a control for visual studio (not allowed by the license).

Please contact Software FX support for instructions on engaging into a OEM agreement that will allow you to deploy a dll that uses chart fx.

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