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Curve fitting using ChartFX


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I have five data points (for example): 

 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

X   Y

13.5 .1

40 .2

1000   .2

2000   0

4000   .1

And I'd like to plot a smooth curve through it.  This works just fine, but the xscale contains the actual data points, so the curve is not plotted to scale.

In other words, I get this:   0 13.5   40 1000   2000 40000

Instead of this 0 1000  2000  3000  4000 5000

...for the x-axis. 

Can I create a custom X axis and plot data similar to the set above to it (and define a custom scale?)


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I don't understand what you need.

If you plot an X/Y chart using these values, the points will not be evenly spaced. The X-Axis labels are not attached to the data points, they are displayed at even intervals, however, your points will appear at the correct position according to its XValue, regardless of whether or not there is  label for it. In other words, your point may end up in between two labels.

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