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How to divide X-axis into 8 blocks


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This is sudha, i found your api in this site..  Really its a good one.. Actually i have one doubt and want to clarify from you.. I would like to divide the X-Axis in the following manner and want to plot the points, which are coming from the database according to date and time.  Could you please give me the solution ASAP.. 

12.00AM 3A.M  6A.M 9A.M  12P.M 3P.M 6P.M   9P.M. 12A.M.

 Actually we are planning to buy this product..

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It will depend how you load the data to the chart and if the X axis is a categorical or a data Axis.

Is this a XY Scatter chart? If not, it will be just a matter of setting the Axis labels and the scale properly.

Anyway, take a look at the samples in the Axis Handling / XAxis, you will find samples for either DateTime values and labeling.

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