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I did an application that uses chat fx COM components. In the machine that I had intalled chart fx it works fine, but in other machines that I just register chart fx dlls it does not work, it ask me for the license. What I need to do to the application works fine in the machines without a chart fx license ?


Rafael Reimer.

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You probably need a license string that needs to be embedded with your application. When developing with Visual C++, this is usually the case since the license is not embedded on the form of the executable. Please contact support with your application details and they will gladly provide you with the license string needed. Please provide them with the product serial # as well as the company and contact information.

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The incident you opened with support has been answered but for your convenience and the convenience of others that may see this thread, I am pasting the reply here:

When using the CreateControl() function, please note that the last parameter takes the license string that we provided. Alternatively, when calling the SetLicenseString() function, please note that you need to do so after initializing the chart object. You can do something like this:

//Create Window Control

m_chartWnd.CreateControl(__uuidof(Cfx62::Chart), NULL, WS_VISIBLE, rc, this, IDC_CHART1, NULL, NULL, NULL /* License String goes here */);

// Attach Window Control to Chart Pointer

m_chartPtr = m_chartWnd.GetControlUnknown();

BSTR bstrLicense = ::SysAllocString(L"LicenseStringGoesHere");


Make sure that you do this on the machine where ChartFX is installed, and that you recompile the application before re-deploying it.

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I am not sure why calling SetLicenseString is not working for you. What is the error that you are receiving? Is the error happening at compile-time or at runtime?

 In any case, try doing the following:


Calling SetLicenseString as shown above works as expected. Another way of using the license string will be to set the license string as the last parameter of the CreateControl() function.

If you are still experiencing any problems, please provide me with a screenshot of the issue.

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