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  1. Only the sample chart is created before SetLicenseString is called. Is it a problem ? Do you know how can I disable the sample chart ? Thanks, Rafael.
  2. Hi, at the first time when I run ChartFX it shows "Invalid License (1000000)" error message. My program executes the setLicenseString method and after the first time program run normaly. Thanks, Rafael.
  3. I am programming in Progress and I do not know how can I generate the correct string to pass to SetLicenseString. Is there some dll ou windows API that generate this BSTR string ? Thanks, Rafael.
  4. Hi, Can I do a chart with two different series that have the same color ? Thanks, Rafael.
  5. I reinstall chartFX and rebuild my application and the problem was solved. Thanks, Rafael.
  6. Hi, I was developing a chart and suddenly the ChartFX has Expired message started to appear in my chart. I do not understand what is happening because my serial is recent. I did uninstall chartfx and install it again but the message still occurring. What I need to do ? Thanks, Rafael.
  7. I did receive the license string but it still not working. I put the exactly string into the SetLicenseString method but it did not work. Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks, Rafael.
  8. Hi. I sent an e-mail last Friday and until now support do not answer me. Is this license string the same used during installation process ?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Thanks, Rafael.
  9. What dll implement this static function SetLicenseString ?
  10. Hi. How can I contact the support for this purpose ? By mail ? This string that I need provide is the license string ? What methods I need to run to set this string ? Thanks, Rafael Reimer.
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    Hi. I did an application that uses chat fx COM components. In the machine that I had intalled chart fx it works fine, but in other machines that I just register chart fx dlls it does not work, it ask me for the license. What I need to do to the application works fine in the machines without a chart fx license ? Thanks, Rafael Reimer.
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