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Upgrades to ChartFx Winforms 2005..


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 Looking for the next version of ChartFx WinForms.  Our clients are always looking for new functions and features...

 Broken axis "scale breaks"  (to represent extremes in numbers)

Export to Microsft Apps (PPT, XLS, DOC) as live objects

Multiple panes both vertical and horizontal

Copy and Paste from the data grid

Interactively hide data points (not just series)

New chart types (funnels, exploding a pie slice into a column chart etc.) 

Expansion of statistics extension

Additional OLAP like functionality in the base Chart object (not requiring the extension)

 It has been two plus years since we have seen a release with new core functionality (Silverlight aside) so we are eager to see the next round of enhancements that you have in the pipeline.  There are many times where you introduce a features that we have not even thought of that would be beneficial.

 I had heard earlier that a release was going to be timed with VS 2008...is that still the case? 

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I am limited on what I can discuss about future product plans on this public forum. 

Some of the points you mentioned are in the feature set of the next version already however I can not discuss specific time frames. Please contact Software FX sales over the telephone to talk to a Software FX representative about future product releases.

I apologize for the lack of information but that's all I can say here at this time.

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