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Memory Problem with Chart FX


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Hi Guru's, 

I am using the ChartFX for .NET in my MFC Application. Application is having the GUI which is made up of all Bitmap's & Chart FX ...

If I run my application for some longer period say 4-5 hour continuously , my virtual memory is growing continuously ( from 2 MB - 300 MB ).

But in bitween if I just minimize the application my virtual memory get reduced ( come back to 2 MB ) & on maximize it start growing once again...

I suspect it's because of chartFX is holding chart data in the memory...

Thanks in advance...



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Hi frank,

thank you for the reply..

As our application(GUI) is an MFC mdi done in VC++ , it doesnot have a garbage collector.

Our application is full of bitmaps and chartfx charts. These bitmaps are attached and DC memory is released properly.

When there is no data in charts there is no much increase in memory consumed but when charts are getting plotted memory is drastically getting increased.

But when application is minimized memory consumed is getting reduced and after maximizing it starts increasing again (huge variation 300 to 2 MB).

We are struck with this problem.. Is this an isssue with charts and is there any way of refreshing charts without loosing data.. please help




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Even though your app is in MFC, you are using Chart FX for .NET and therefore using the .NET framework.

Is this memory consumption causing a problem or are you just concerned about it?

Like I said the .NET framework has very aggressive memory handling if the memory is free it will use it.

There is nothing we do when you minimize your app.

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