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Realtime Chart / Scrolling


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I have a Realtime Chart and a Realtime.Mode of Scroll, AutoScroll = true.  I have a buffer size of 600, to hold 10 minutes of data updated every one second.  I setted the size of the chart with the PixelsPerUnit scaling, so the chart shows a window of 5 minutes.  The rest of the time is visible by scrolling the x-axis scroll bar.
My problem is, when I start the measuring, the data will be added at the end of the chart (right side of the chart, at datapoint 600).  I would like to add the data on the left side and the chart should scroll automaticly to the right side.
Thanks for help.
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Thanks for your help.

I used the loop mode and the loopmarker too.  Problem is, the loopmarker will run out of the chart (right side).  I would like to use the Loop mode and the chart should scroll, so I can see the loopmarker.  How can I fix this problem?  Thanks for help.

Thanks for help -- Stefan

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