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Remove all grid lines, including zero point


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I have a scatterplot that I want divided into quadrants. 

To do so, I have removed all grid lines and added two custom grid lines, one on the x axis and one on the y axis.

If my data has negative points, a grid line is being displayed at the zero point on either the x or y axis.

How can I remove this zero grid line?


Attached is the code I am using:

Dim xGridLine As New CustomGridLine((cht.AxisX.Max + cht.AxisX.Min) / 2, "")

Dim yGridLine As New CustomGridLine((cht.AxisY.Max + cht.AxisY.Min) / 2, "")

xGridLine.Color = Color.LightSteelBlue

yGridLine.Color = Color.LightSteelBlue



cht.AllSeries.AxisX.Grids.Major.Visible = False

cht.AllSeries.AxisX.Grids.Minor.Visible = False

cht.AllSeries.AxisY.Grids.Major.Visible = False

cht.AllSeries.AxisY.Grids.Minor.Visible = False

For Each xAxis As Axis In cht.AxesX

  xAxis.Grids.Minor.Visible = False

  xAxis.Grids.Major.Visible = False


For Each yAxis As Axis In cht.AxesY

  yAxis.Grids.Minor.Visible = False

  yAxis.Grids.Major.Visible = False


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