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Chart image not rendering when running from IIS


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 Is there a resource or walkthrough that steps one through deploying a site with the Chart control to a local (or remote) IIS site? 

 Currently the chart being rendered as an image works fine runnin from the Visual Studio web server but if I try and run it from my local IIS server the chart image does not render.  I noticed the chartfx70 folder in my development folder and copied it to the IIS virtual path but still had no luck.  The image tag points to the following path <img src="/[VirtualPath]/WebResource.axd?d=nhXa5af-uSndH53EKAmKZ384-6RCQi2aAkgz0LwUElMPAVvn64WUCXgcbvtbv5FpDrjvz8Kt1G9lT3tzsZd96g2&t=633288204376883984"

I assume it is not but is this a trail period limitation?

Please advise.



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Yikes, sorry about that.  Not sure what that one was.

 <img id="Chart1" src="/chartfx70/pss/ChartFX.aspx?id=0-102508040&type=png&mime=image%2fpng"

I looked and didn't have a pss folder, so I created one.  I tried it again and there is nothing being created in this folder. 


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Hi Frank,

The following post is pretty much what I am trying to do yet it ends in you recommending the user call support.  I'm not sure exactly where to put the config file and where the Applicaitons in IIS should be pointing to.


So far I have copied the C:\Program Files\Chart FX for Visual Studio 2005\ChartFX70 folder and put it under my IIS application (localhost/App123/) folder.  I have additionally made them applications for the ChartFx70 and PSS folders.  I am still unable to get the image to work.  I have read through several forum postings and recommended articles but it seems I am missing something.


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\ChartFX70 is not a physical folder within your application. It must be a virtual folder within your IIS pointing to <chartfx installation folder>\chartfx70

The Chart FX server installation should have created tat for you. Check on your IIS manager.

If it is not there, you can create it. Inside it, there is a PSS folder that you must convert to an application.

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