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RealTime chart and scrolling


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I have a chart set up a real time buffer and a RealTime.Mode of Scroll, and AutoScroll = true. I have the buffer size set to 1800, to hold two hours of data points updated every 4 seconds. Given the size of chart and the PixelsPerUnit scaling, the chart shows a window of 10 to 30 minutes, and the rest of the time period is visible by scrolling the x-axis scroll bar.  That all works great.

New values are appended to the right side of the x-axis, and the x-axis scroll bar snaps to the right end each time a new data point is appended.  Most of the time that's also great, but the user scrolls to the left to examine the older data, the scroll bar won't stay there - in this case it snaps back to the right end every 4 seconds, and the user can't see what they were looking for.

Is there any way to control the scrolling behavior? I tried adjusting the AxisX.ScrollPosition when appending new data points, but the resolution of that property doesn't appear to be nearly fine enough to effectively 'freeze' the scroll position (or I'm not calling correctly...)



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