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Multiple series with multiple "load"methods


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I'm exploring ChartFX at the moment, Can get most things to works and the component look


I'm loading data from an excel sheet with a oledbconnection etc and pass the data like

Chart1.DataSource = DtSet.Tables(0). Perfect works oke.

 I also look at the data passing examples and recreated them, fine as well.


One thing i can't get to work is after loading the initial data by database to add

different series in the same chart/pane, or any other pane for that matter,

with a different data passing method be it arrays, Chart1.Data.X etc etc.

Only with doing a Chart1.Reset() i can get the new data to load and show oke. But

then ofcourse the initial series is gone.


so first i load from an excel sheet a line series and then later by clicking a button i want

to show in the same chart a generated line, next to the first line from the excel file, which i load for instance

by the apibutton method or array from the passing data sample


Regards, E.H. Laban

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All the DataBinding methods replace the data in the chart with new data, which can be of a completely different format (different number of columns, different column types, etc.).

 If you want to add data to an existing chart without loosing the data already there, then you need to use the Data APIs (chart.Data).

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