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Scale problem. AxisY's positive values are doubled.


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I am a web developer. I am using ChartFX 6.2.

I have a problem with scale for Y Axis. For Gant chart that have positive and negative,  positive values for Y Axis are doubled.

For example in debug mode after chart.AxisY.AdjustScale() I saw that max for AxisY in my chart is chart.AxisY.Max = 380000.0 but when the page is displayed chart shows 760000.0. It is very strange because when I added two line of code I got the expected results. The line of code are: double valueY = chart.AxisY.Max; chart.AxisY.Max = valueY + 1 - 1;

 Could anyone give me a sugestion? What happened?


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The value is being adjusted later on, by assigning the Max you are turning off AutoScale hence preventing the Max from being changed again.

 I would need to see the code that reproduces this situation in order to point out where the change to the Max is occurring.

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