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 I'm using ChartFX for Java 6.2. Can anyone describe what this property does? The documentation is very brief and just says

Specify the minimum point value needed to be included in a particular pie chart.

I think this mean that if a data point is less than x% of the pie then it is ignored, but not 100% certain. I have a similar requirement around point labels. I only want point labels to be shown if the pie slice is greater than x%. Currently if the pie slice is too small ChartFX renders the point label outside of the pie slice instead of inside it but I would prefer to hide the point label altogether. Can it be done?



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You misunderstood the meaning of Pie.MinPercentage. The description for this property is:

Specifies the minimum percentage the chart will reduce itself to accommodate label size when PointLabels is turned on.

It refers to how much space the point labels are allowed to take, not to how big the smallest pie should be.

You can hide labels conditionally by adding a ConditionalAttributes. A conditionalAttribute allows you to define a specific set of attributes for all points for which a condition is met. In your case the condition is the values below a certain threshold and the attributes is the PointLabels set to false.

For more information on conditional attributes please refer to the programmer's guide (under Data Analysis).

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