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Placing of ticks and gridlines in bar charts


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I (and my customers) are used to having ticks and gridlines between clustered bar groups. In ChartFX it seems there's no way to accomplish this. ticks and gridlines are always drawn through a bar cluster and are centered above the label.

It would be nice if it would be an option in ChartFX 7 (is there a release dat yet?) to place the grid between the bar clusters. It would make the vertical interlacing look better too.

 Any thoughts on this one?



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On second thought...

There are some strange consequences. Suppose the chart decides that the best way to place the ticks/gridlines is every three bars. Suppose months are plotted on the x-axis, from januari to december. The labels are centered and end up under the 2,5,8,11 bar, corresponding to the months februari, may, august, november. But the labels that are displayed are the last labels before the division: march, june, september, december.

This is very confusing. One tends to interpret the label to match the bar right above it, not the one to the right of it. I can't think of a way to correct this, because there's no way to find out how many labels are skipped (the 'Every') when the mode is automatic.

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