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Activex Charts not displayed in browser


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 I am using Chart Fx 2005. I found the following error in my  browser while viewing the chart

"Chart FX: ActiveX client requires Internet Explorer and Windows in the client computer"

The charts are being renedered as "Activex".

 But I am able to see the Charts developed in older vesion of Chart FX in my browser.

 The Older version of the Chart FX has also been renedered as Activex.




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Thank you. I am able to do as .net control. but When i down load it from my client machine, It says .net framework version needs to be installed to view the chart. 

I have to view the chart as .net control and my client machines are not installed with .net framework.

Can you please help me to view the chart as .net control in my client machine.




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Thanks for the quick response. One more query,

 I want to handle double click event on points. Or I want to execute a java script (client side) when a point is double clicked.

my charts are rendered as .NET contol to clients.

Can you please help me how to do that.





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To capture the Double Clock event (or any other event) coming from the .NET client in JavaScript you need to add the following code to your page:

<script lang="JavaScript" for="Chart1" event="MouseDoubleClick(sender,args)">

  alert('double click ' + args.X.toString() + "," + args.Y.toString());


For a list of all events and their parameters please refer to the Windows Form API reference.

A couple of things about Client-Side events:

- UseClientLoader must be set to false

- You must have Full Trust in your .NET permissions (Client Computer - .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration) in order for the client to send events to JavaScript.


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