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Missing Licence Tag Error on diferent Port

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Forgive my so bad(wrong) English, but there my doubt goes.

I install the component in a server of tests for an application that

works in this server in a virtual directoryin the port 80, and it works

well, but when I try to install it in the server of production in whom

the application installs to itself in the port 88, not in a virtual

directory and I select that install itself for this port, it sends me

the following error message: "Missing Licence Tag"

Already I have checked that the versions of the folder bin and the

folder dowload correspond, and they are the same versions, in fact it is

the only version that we have 6.2, also I have treated reinstalling, but

when I reinstall create a web folder in the web site called charfx62,

directed to Program Files.

But brand(mark) that does not have access to the following file:


C:\CIsdcon is the folder of the web site with port 88.

I did a copy of the folder charfx62 in c:\cisdcon and there the message

of mistake is generated: "Missing Licence Tag"

That I can do in order that one shows the graphs?

Thank you

In Spanish, for if they understand me better

hola, instale el componente en un servidor de pruebas para una

aplicacion que funciona en este servidor en un directorio virtual en el

puerto 80, y trabaja bien, pero cuando trato de instalarlo en el

servidor de produccion en el cual la aplicacion se instala en el puerto

88, no en un directorio virtual, y selecciono que se instale para ese

puerto, me manda el siguiente error: "Missing Licence Tag"

Ya he verificado que las versiones de la carpeta bin y la carpeta

dowload correspondan, y son las mismas versiones, de hecho es la unica

version que tenemos la 6.2, tambien he tratado reinstalando, pero

cuando reinstalo crea una carpeta web en el sitio web llamada charfx62,

dirigida a Archivos de Programa.

Pero marca que no tiene acceso al siguiente archivo:


C:\CIsdcon es la carpeta del sitio web con puerto 88.

Hice una copia de la carpeta charfx62 en c:\cisdcon y ahi se genera el

mensaje de error: "Missing Licence Tag"

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Are you using a .NET client control inside your browser ? What is the 

HtmlTag property (Chart object) set to ?

If you are using the Client component, security setting in the client

computer will affect its behavior.

For more information please check the following KB articles:

Q6121017. Troubleshooting the Client Component of ChartFX.Net

Q6141001. Security settings required by the .NET client control

While going through these have in mind that your case is a little different

since you are using a different port and like I said before, .NET

permissions are different for port 80.


Francisco Padron


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