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Chart UI freezes (Urgent)


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Hi, there

  I am currently developing an windows application which uses chartfx chart control to plot real time data feeds received from server.

In this application,  UI Client receives data in the form of objects.

on the UI side I have 1 thread which analyse these objects and retrive required data.

Dataview is used as datasource of the chart. This Dataview is used as circular Buffer in application for showing data for particular time frame(Say 2 Min, 5 min) . Chart is X-Y plot of Time vs Rate .

After a finite intervals(say 1 sec), a 4-5 rows are added to dataview which represents 4-5 points on chart.

As documentation said, the changes in the datasource are immediately reflected on the chart ( Also verified by me ) , I have not used

chart.Refresh( ) in the code after modification of the datasource.

So when I run this application  , for first 40-5 minutes everything with chart seems fine.But after that Chart seems to be Static and Looks like representing a

Sattic Data .Chart UI becomes Unresponsive .


I am not getting why this is happening ?

Should I use Chart.Refresh( ), everytime when there is change in Datasource of the Chart ?

I need suggetion from ChartFX team regarding this.

Thanks in advance









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