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Help - 'Missing License Tag'


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We use ChartFX for NET  6.0.1262.25316, on windows XP. When I set the HtmlTag=Image, everything works. But when changed to .NET, in place of the image, it shows 'Missing License Tag'. When I click to activate, nothing happens.

Can you let me know what I should do from here? We really would like to use the .NET dynamic features.

Thanks a lot in advance. Any suggestion would be helpful!


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Look at the DataPath for your <OBJECT> tag (by doing a View Source on the page within your browser).

Check the Url and make sure it points to a valid virtual folder. Also make sure your server is letting this file type through. There might be security settings in your IIS preventing this file to go through.

PS: Chart FX 6.0 is an old version not officially supported, you can upgrade to Chart FX 6.2 for free. Most likely your problem comes from using this older version that is not fully compatible with newer version of Windows Server and IIS.

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