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How To Create Multiple Y axis using Javascript


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Hi Frank,

I am creating multiple secondary Y axis using below code(c#). How can i achieve the same using Javascript.

AxisY AddlAxisY = new AxisY();

AddlAxisY.Visible = true;

AddlAxisY.TextColor = Chart1.Series.Color;

AddlAxisY.Position =

AxisPosition.Far;AddlAxisY.ForceZero = false;


Chart1.Series.AxisY = AddlAxisY;

Is there any dcoumentation avilable on "Chartfx VS Javascript".




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Normally this kind of coding is done in the server. You can do it in the client but you must be aware of the particulars about writing JavScript code against a .NET control. There is not a lot of documentation on this, in particular I can tell you the indexers are special. For example:


Will be written as


Enumerations are particularly tricky as it is the creation of new objects (e.g. new AxisY) as the classes don't exist in JavaScript but inside the .NET control.

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