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Problem with Series Color - Using Javascript


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My chart have 9 series.I am providing 9 radio buttons for each series.When ever user selects a particular radio button I am moving the relevant series to AxisY2. I am using Javascript to achieve this fumctionality.

when I move a series to new Y axis(AxisY2) I want keep the new Y axis value color as series color.

For example:

Assume user clicks on 1st series (it is color in RED). The values on new Y axis should be displayed in RED.

The following is the code:

function createNewYaxis()


var myChart = document.getElementById('Chart1');   ctrl="chknewY";

  var myForm = document.forms[0]; var chkARR = myForm.elements["New Y"]; // Radiobuttons list





  if(document.getElementById(ctrl + i).checked ==true)



  myChart.Chart.Series.Item(i).AxisY = myChart.Chart.AxisY2;

myChart.Chart.Series.Item(i).TextColor =  myChart.Chart.Series.Item(i).Color;





  myChart.Chart.Series.Item(i).AxisY = myChart.Chart.AxisY;



 myChart.Chart.Series.Item(i).TextColor =  myChart.Chart.Series.Item(i).Color;

I am getting error when I include the above statement.



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