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General Question - Mouse Events


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I posted this question, some time ago:

I have been trying to add a click option to my charts using the MouseDown or DoubleClick events, but I seem to be having issues.  My browser is telling me that 'SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Lite.MouseEventArgsX' is not defined.  I have imported SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Lite and this does not seem to help.

Is there something else that I can do to make this work correctly?  Or perhaps something I am missing?
And was given the following response, from another Software FX employee:
Thank you for contacting SoftwareFX Support. ChartFX Lite does not support Mouse events. You can capture mouse events using ChartFX .NET 6.2 and 7.0 products. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you please clarify which is accurate?  And if ChartFX Lite for ASP.NET does support MouseDown and DoubleClick events, could you please answer my original query as to why it was not working for me?
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You should have provided all this information from the beginning. It would have saved us both a lot of time.

About: SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Lite.MouseEventArgsX' is not defined

I just created a project with Chart FX Lite (Windows Forms) and the class is defined. Can you please attach a project that reproduces this issue? You must be missing a reference. You are using the Windows Form control right (I assume this because you posted in the Windows Form forum). If you are using Web Forms there are no mouse events. The charts are generated as images.

In Chart FX Lite (Windows Forms) the MouseDown event is only sent for the Right-Mouse-Button.

I tested this and works as expected. In the future it helps if you post detailed questions instead of generic.




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Thank you for your assistance, although it seems I may have to clarify some things.

My initial question was not meant to be related to ChartFX Lite, or my previous problems with the Mouse Events.  As one of your co-workers had indicated to me that ChartFX Lite was not suitable for my requirements, I was inquiring as to which products were.  This was generic because I wanted to know all of the products which supported Mouse Events, so that I could make my decision from there.

 I chose to post in this forum by mere luck, as there was not a General Forum for questions such as mine, however I should probably have been more specific and chosen a "Web Forms" area, since I will be mainly dealing with ASP.NET, though I was hoping for enough flexibility to be able to work with either windows OR web forms.  Since my question was such a general one, I did not think it would matter.

My problem was with a web form, however, as it was not part of the original purpose for this thread, I did not consider it when creating my initial post.  It was only when you said that all of the products offer MouseDown that I thoght to question what your co-worker told me.

Please be aware that people on this forum have either purchased, or are considering purchasing one of your products.  I feel that you were unnecessarily rude in your latest reply.  Considering the company that I work for has multiple licenses for your products, and is considering purchasing yet another, it would probably benefit your company to be more patient with the people you are dealing with.


Please feel free to move this thread into a more suitable area, but I think I should take this opportunity to ask a more specific question relating to the main project (but most likely not the only project) I will be using Chart FX for. 

I want to integrate Chart FX into ASP.NET pages. You have already indicated that all of the programs offer Mouse Events, however, judging by your latest reply, they only offer this in windows forms.  Is this true for all products, or just Chart FX Lite?

If I want to have clickable charts in an ASP.NET page, is this possible with ChartFX for .NET 6.2?  If not, is it possible with any of your products?

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Leaving aside Chart FX Lite, which is a limited version of our product, both Chart FX 6.2 (older version) and Chart FX 7.0 (newer version) provide Windows Form and Web Forms components. From now own I will not be considering Chart FX Lite in my discussion.

The Web Forms component renders the chart inside the browser. The format in which the chart is rendered, limits the amount on interactivity the chart has. By default, the chart is rendered as an image (<img>), as such, there is not component model in the client and therefor there are no events, Mouse or otherwise that can be captured in the client. You can assign Urls to points in the chart and those will act as hyperlinks, going to either another page or executing a JavaScript.

ChartFX 7.0 introduces a new AJAX engine that provides interactivity in the client such as toolbar and context menus while still generating images.

Another option for the WebControl is to render a Windows Form control inside your browser (we call it the .NET IE Client Control). This control is a Windows Form control and as such provides all the mouse events which can be captured using JavaScript. There are some trust issues related to .NET controls running inside IE, in particular sending events back to JavaScript which crosses the managed-unmanaged boundary.

So it all depends on the specifics of what you are looking for. Chart FX is a very generic product and without knowing the specifics is hard to answer general questions as to the capabilities of the product as they often depend on the specific situation in which you are working.

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