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need help in autoscroll


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why after i have my chart render as .Net (loadchart.renderformat = ".Net") , i cannot have the autoscroll bar loaded within the chart although

i've manually set it as loadchart.axisx.autoscroll = true

if i omit the loadchart.renderformat = ".Net" , then the scroll bar will appear, is it scroll bar cannot loaded within a .net object?

can anyone help me?

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i've found out the culprit that cause the axis x scrollbar not loaded..here is my coding:

 If File.Exists(strCompletePath) Then

  chartGenerate.Import(FileFormat.Binary, strCompletePath)

  chartGenerate.Width = 1000%

  chartGenerate.Height = 450

  If Me.chkEnableScrollbar.Checked = True Then

  chartGenerate.AxisX.SetScrollView(0, 8) .....line 7

  chartGenerate.AxisX.AutoScroll = True .....line 8

 .....line 9 


  chartGenerate.AxisX.AutoScroll = False

  End If

  chartGenerate.RenderFormat = ".Net"


End If

the scrollbar will load if i place line 7 (setscrollview) before line 8. If i put it at line 9 , then the whole function wont work(no scrollbar loaded at all).

another weird things that i found was whatever i set for the (min,max) of SetScrollView the chart will not load according to it. lets say if i set it (0,8) it suppose to show only 8 data in axis x , am i right? can anyone help me to check this out? for your information , i'm using chartfx 7.0.2664.18403 and below is the printscreen of my developed application.

Posted Image


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