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Smart Labelling X value Last Date Tick Mark Removal

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I am populating my x-axis from a date node in an xml document and the smart

labelling feature works wonderfully to determine the best date spacing

between tick marks. However it always has the next date tick value as the

last label on the x-axis - regardless of whether that data appears in the

given data.

For example, I have data from 3/23 through 6/23, so the smart labelling

labels 3/31, 4/15, 4/30, 5/15, 5/31, 6/15. This is great! However it also

labels 6/30 which is not included in the data. How can I remove this final

date? I have tried changing the step size, however it remains there

regardless of step size.

I found this in the documentation:

"It is also important to mention the last day of a label break will be used

for the label. For example, when the 'Bi-Monthly' step is applied, the last

day of the 2-month range will be used as the label string (painting the tick

mark and label on that day). Inversely, when the range has a name, such as a

Year, Quarter or Month, each section will be labeled using a Centered style

and using the appropriate name."

I believe this is referring to this issue, but it's not clear to me how to

remove the last day. If I try to modify the Label property at all, all tick

marks simply disappear.

Thanks in Advance!!


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I'm sorry the example I gave you is the one exception to the rule I am

finding. If there is not enough space to show the last day tick mark, it

does not display it. In this case, there is no room to display 6/30/05, so

it is not shown.

Please find attached a binary using the dates 4/7/05 through 7/6/05. I used

the Export method of the ChartCore class - I hope that is the binary you are

looking for. Also please find attached a screenshot of what I am seeing.

As you can see, I am not seeing a min or max, but it is displaying 7/15

which is outside the data range. I would like to see the min and max of the

given data if possible, but that is a different issue. The primary problem

is the last date tick which is greater than the max of the given data.

Thanks for the help!!


"Francisco Padron" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Are you setting a Min or Max for ther X-Axis ?


> I tried passing daily data from 3/23 through 6/23 and when I resize the

> chart so that I get labels every 15 days, the last label I get is 6/15.


> Please see attached screenshot.


> Attach a chart binary file (use Export) if you can



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